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Tips for a Successful Home Renovation Project

Using the popularity of Home Staging Vancouver television shows, many are wondering if theatrical production works in the "real world." Home staging is more than just great entertainment on a Saturday afternoon, this is an established technique that sells homes and across the country.

Home staging is the skill of preparing your property available by highlighting the home's features through furniture arrangement, emphasis placement, and color choices. An Accredited Staging Professional is a real estate pro that performs an objective evaluation of a property to ascertain any barriers that could hinder buyer interest in your house. Staging isn't decorating. Home staging involves using interior design principles and marketing strategies to best represent your property.

Home staging works because a properly staged home is a house revealed at its best state. Each room features important design elements: emphasized focal points, appropriate furniture placement to generate smooth traffic patterns and a bigger space, tasteful colour choices on walls and through home decor, and home accents that are properly put. Every one of these principles working together create an atmosphere that activates buyers' emotions, causing them to fall in love with the house.

In a staged house, buyers will see that:

Staged houses seem well cared for: staging addresses upgrading the home's decor while working within the budget of the home owner.

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Staged homes are uncluttered: staging calls for so buyers can see the house's characteristics, removing excess things. Staged houses have a pleasant atmosphere: staging shows the best furniture layout to your property, creating simple paths round the furniture and highlighting the points that are focal. Staged houses appeal to some wider array of buyers: theatrical production neutralizes a houses decor, giving it a model house-like appeal, so bringing more buyers. These elements help create buyer interest causing fantastic side-effects HOME STAGING SIDE EFFECTS (GAINS):

Statistically, homes which were staged command higher asking prices than non-staged homes, since the home is in top showing condition.

Quicker Sale Time: Mathematically, staged houses sell in one third time than non-staged houses Mathematically, the investment in staging is returned to the homeowner when their house sells. For instance, if your home owner invested $500 in staging their house, they may be prone to receive $560 back from the selling of the property through fewer (if any) price reductions or from a growth in asking price. HOME STAGING NUMBERS: Staged homes sell quicker than non-staged houses...

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Nationwide, staged house is on the market for an average of 31.9 days

Nationwide, non-staged home is available on the market around 160 days 93% of ASP houses sell within one month This could mean the difference between days and months! For complete data visit with the Staged Homes Website Staging is a truly win-win situation. The sellers win because their houses can be purchased in a shorter number of time in comparison to a non-staged homes, because their listing sell quicker than agents who actually don't advocate theatrical production, and the real estate professionals win. Results do not lie. Story after story has been told of how staging made the difference in the selling of a home. Our Facebook Page.

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